The Reasons for Establishing, History and Center Mission


The Reasons for Center Establishing

The basic requirement for development of every company is to retain the existing market and to expand it eventually. To attain that goal it is necessary to respond to market conditions over the time, while market demands complicity, regarding productivity, quality, design and speed of development of new products, continues to grow.

The characteristics of global market in present conditions are domination of customer satisfaction and market globalization, which has as a consequence multiple increase of competition. The problem anymore is not to make a product but to sell it. For companies to succeed in the market in such conditions it is imperative to cut down of time for development and to improve quality of products, while decreasing product cost. The solution for this problem is discovering and application of adequate strategy for development and construction of products.

History of the Center

The Department for Mechanical Constructions and Machinery on the meeting held 14.06.2004. reviewed the previous work and activities of Department members, as the results of Department members which has been achieved in the field of development and construction of machines. It is concluded that all the requirements are met for establishing MACHINES DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION CENTER within Department limits.


CERP mission is application of complex systems for development of products, to use systematic approach for searching, finding, evaluating and choosing the constructional solution in order to develop high quality and market competitive products.


address: Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, 18000 Nis, Republic of Serbia; tel: (+381 18) 500 642; fax:(+381 18) 588 199;